Sunday, November 1, 2009

A post a day keeps the doctor away!!!

I'm gonna try to write somethin every day of November and all the way up to my birthday just like mommy!!!!

Yesterday was Halloween.  I had TWO parties.  One at my Aunt Roses House.  A meet and greet and I got presents, the other one at Tee Tee Alison's and I had potatoes and cake!!!   It was very fun and I was a bumble bee!!!!
I was TIRED!!!



  1. And there Miss Lulu! Glad you enjoyed both parties! You a Bumblebee and Babysongbird a ladybug---I can just imagine what fun you too would have in a garden. Enjoy each day of blogging up to your Big Day!!!!

  2. Well a/b time Ms. Scotland! I cant wait to read your daily post. BTW, you look really cute in your snazzy bumble bee outfit!