Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lulako Means Pretty

I was born Lulako Daniso, in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. They say I was born on December 3, 2008, but are not too sure, I wasn't born in the hospital. My first mommy and daddy would have loved to be my only mommy and daddy but God has a different plan. See my first daddy Daniso Wakayo died before I was born. He died from illnesses caused by poor sanitation and digesting dirty water. It was a very sad time for my mommy and it made her very ill with worry. My first mommy's name is Aster Debiso. I was only 24 days young when she died. I wasn't left alone. I have a sister and 3 brothers!!! My uncle Karfafa Wakayo tried very hard to keep me with him, to honor his brother Daniso. But I became very ill, because it was hard to get milk and there was no formula and so with a heavy heart he took me to an orphanage to be cared for.

I was very tiny when I came to the Gladney care center on March 2nd, 2009. I only weighed 7 lbs. I had several health issues, but while in Gladney's care, I feel much much better.

On April 9th, I got a new mommy!!!!!!

I'll let Mommy tell her own story, she has a blog too (of course), you can see it here... MOMMY'S BLOG... but don't go away!!!

It took a long time for my paper work.  My Mommy said she was really worried. And for some reason she was worried about my looks.... ain't I beautiful?

Mommy waited, and worked, and prayed and finally on July 2, 2009 I officially became the artist known as 


But you can call me Lulu!!!!
and this is my story.....