Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am SOOOOO busy.

I have the all important job of keeping the wall up.   My Tee Tee took a video.   Disregard the dialogue my family is LOONY :)   My Mommy tossed me that teddy bear (I think it was a toss but I wonder...) My mother calls me Lulabell, I don't know why but I have a LOT of names!!!  The jingle noise you hear, it took me a while to get used to that.... its my Cambodian Anklet that is said to ward off evil spirits.  I wear it all the time!!!


  1. Hehehe. Okay, Wait! Why when Tee-Tee said, "She's thinking about Patty-Cake", Miss Lulubell STOP, started patty-caking as if to say:

    LuluBell: Patty-cake is like this. I'm kicking the wall...there is a differance Tee-Tee, you know!

    LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Hold Up...Again. Maybe Miss LuluBell Hopkins is kicking the wall because she's in concert! See, she's using the wall as a drum and the anklet-charm is the tamborine---Yes, that's it!

    Title of CD: The Sidama Beat!
    Featuring Miss LuluBell-Lulako-Lulu on the wall drums.

  3. love the new pics. And u know already the eye lashes!!!

    cute video!

  4. Tell mommy that fisher price makes musical pianos you can play with your feet. Maybe santa will bring one?