Monday, November 16, 2009

More pics

Thanks for the dress Aunt "D"!

Thanks for the Tutu Grandma!

Oh and the tube top that's normally a head band

Dang I'm tired!

I know I know... but my mom is CRAZY!


  1. She is sooo sweet! Good thing you don't live close by. Eli would be all over her!

  2. Dear LuluBell, Why are you growing up so fast???? Your picture in the purple tutu looks as if your cognitive development is that of a 16 month age/stage!!!! Please, please, please, stay a baby for a little bit longer!

  3. OMG I love all of them but the first tube top pictue is priceless.......

  4. Are you sure Grandma is not a fashion designer? I luv the tutu!!!

  5. These are tooo cute but the last one with the jaunty lil hat and the ok I'm done now look is my fave.