Sunday, December 4, 2011

Guess Who's Three

This year Lulu insisted on a party.  She was not going to let me out of this one.  So she had THREE.   One at the daycare, one at Grandma Margarets and one at home.

Since we moved to a much smaller place it was hard for me fathom having people over.  But I realize it does not matter to Lulu if we are in the sprawling ranch or a cramped apartment, Home is Home to her.  And actually Home IS where the heart is.  So I gave my HEART a perfect little party.

The theme was Lady Bugs in the Winter. And the invitation read... Tutu Cute Guess who's turning Three.   All the girls were asked to wear Tutu's and every girl was hand picked for the party.  


  1. nice!!!!! love the girls little boxes!

  2. nice!!!!! love the girls little boxes!

  3. Sending late, late, late belated b-day wishes from Jebena. We are in USA for a minute -- will be returning to ET soon but wanted to stop and give a quick hug to you and Lulu!