Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

This year Lulu and I are going to try to blog about the daily happenings of Lulu.   And maybe even a daily pic... I can do this! We can do it!   I know we can!

Mommy:  2009 has been a very exciting, life changing year, but I am praying for great things in 2010. 

4 months of being home with Ms. Lulu

*  She has changed much and last night I had to purge her closet and have 2 large bags of "too smalls"
* She is very very advanced but still isn't walking
* She has a vocabulary!!!  "hi", "wow", "sock", "yep", "baby", "Charles", "Mama" "dada"
*she refuses to walk
*she doesn't like to eat, won't drink milk out of a sippy cup and loves vanilla wafers
*she wakes up MULTIPLE times a night and drinks a bottle (and that's ALL)
*she loves people especially her Tee Tee, her uncle, her PaPa and her Granny
*she was only 7.7 lbs at 4 months and in the 5% percentile and now is 20 lbs and in the 30%
*she helps clean up
*she loves her mommy!
 March 4 months 7 lbs Sept Just home 13 lbs

 December 20 lbs

My baby is getting it in!!!