Sunday, October 11, 2009

5 weeks today

5 weeks ago I slept my first night in my beautiful nursery.

I have learned to do so much since then!!!!

I can roll over like Domonique Dawes
I can clap
I can hold my bottle
I can snap my fingers
I can stand on my legs (with help from Mommy)
I eat solid food twice a day
I sleep in my own bed (always have) 
I scream and sing and dance (thanks to my Papa)
I can identify those I know and recognize those I don't know

I am loved and doted over!!! Maybe a little spoiled.   But my family is VERY lucky to have me!


  1. Go LULU its your birthday!!!!!

    U Go Girl!

  2. Oh Lulu you are so beautiful!!!!!
    I have such a smile on my face looking at you with your bottle in your stroller. Good for you girl (especially the sleeping in the bed part - wow!)

  3. Lulu, what's your favorite song to dance to?

    P.S. You are truly getting taller...or is it just the way you are sitting in your umbrella stroller?